Iszy (abstract_soul) wrote,

Actual Revival

It's 3:00 AM and I suddenly thought I'd breathe life into this old beast.

Voila! Friday's lamentations.


Today, most adequately measured in collective tissue ussages for the purpose of relieving cold symptoms, has supplied me with some of the grander delights of this vacation.

It is a blessing to have a constant companion, a sort of reoccuring friendship that will slip into the spare segments of time you have not occupied. As I have been on a peachy little medication, this companion has taken an unwilling vacation. My failure to pick up my persciption this month implied a visitation offer.

A have named my cyst Horatio. It makes the whole situation seem creamy and satin-fabric. He is currently residing on my right ovary (I believe), and making himself very known.

Mumsie, ever equipt with New Age optimism, suggested healing visualization to send Horation off. Mumsie's version of healing visualization consists of angelic light and the spiritual dissolving of painful manifestations.

I aimed for this serene light as I stood in the shower and relished the heat. Upon stepping out of the shower, however, my mental efforts had somehow guided me to imagining an array of rotted sealife carcasses and thick oil spilling out of my naval and slipping down the shower drain.

Sometimes I think I harbor negative energy.

I topped off my evening by watching Grizzly Man - a compelling piece, featuring Carson of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy getting friendly with the Teddies - and reading a few chapters of Into the Wild. I am left severely uncomfortable and those Joseph-invoked Alaska fantasies are severely damaged. Severely.

I have seen better Fridays--

--Well, figuring that I've seen some historically blissful Fridays, I guess that goes without saying.
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