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Last night was pretty exciting, but I know for a fact that I didn't ingest or inject any illegal substances. Still, when you wake up to the sound of pan flutes drifting trippily through your open door, you begin to wonder what exactly you forgot from the previous night. I, personally, pressed my eyes closed very tightly as the chanting began and prayed that I had not been kidnapped by a Certain English Teacher.

....All seemed well when I opened them.

I ventured downstairs with every intention to have a morning cup of tea and watching Lost. I was immediately taken aback by the alter that had been constructed beneath the TV screen. It was little more than a shelf, surrounded by printed off pictures of Aztec gods. Upon it sat a reading lamp for an ethereal soft-light effect, a few crystals, chimes, my tuning fork which I had desperately been searching for, and a few wooden figurines. I took my tuning fork, decided to skip the TV, and went straight for the tea.

Upon entering the dining room, I found Mumsie and Gordon in an array of paper scraps and piercing sounds from the printer - who demanded new color cartridges. They had already printed out a massive pile of pictures of Aztec architecture and were beginning to cut out each one. I made my tea, finding the source of the pan flutes and chanting as I did so (the kitchen radio), and sat down awkwardly in the living room without offering a work.

It's all well and good, but I'd like to be let in on this...erm...matter. It concerns me, I think.

1) Do I have to participate in what ever spiritual awakening Gordon is going through
2) Will watching Lost upset the alter's energy field

Screw the tea, I'm going for coffee.
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