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Memories of Memorial Days

Aidan and I officially have conquered the Maine Mall. At least the 'Intimate Apparel' sections. Much in the Eddie Izzard ripe-fruit-testing style, the Gypsy and the Dandy groped each padded wonder bra in search of the perfect cup. Only relative success was achieved. Tape may be used on prom night. That stated, apologies for the unnecessary information. No offense intended, though I know John-John is terribly unhappy somewhere if he has read this.

We had a charming reunion with Emma in Borders the Blissful, though it was hardly long enough. I've finished the Bananafish pages, though I think something may still be off. My computer is too depressed to really help me in these matters.

After the bra expedition, Mumsie and I took a trip through the grocery store. Somewhere in the health food isle, attempting to find the soy nuts, I was asked out by a sales clerk who I had never laid eyes on in my life. It was a Twilight Zone moment for me. I told him I had a girlfriend.

All's fair in love and war, I say. All is not fair in English, however. There is nothing concrete to study, so I might as well bow my head and accept my fate. Still, there's something heroic to clinging so desperately to the illusion of a decent grade.
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